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As the elected Police and Crime Commissioner, Mark Burns-Williamson wants to be open and transparent about what he's doing and what he's spending.

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Who We Are

About the Police and Crime Commissioner (PCC)
Structure of the Office of the Police and Crime Commissioner (OPCC)
Staff solely employed to support the PCC
Shared service staff
Premises and land
OPCC staff monitoring data
Register of Interests


Contact Details

Contact details for the PCC
Contact details for the OPCC
Contact details for the Police and Crime Panel
Accessibility options and our Accessibility Statement


Budgets and Expenditure

The Budget
The Budget of the OPCC
The Precept
Grants Awarded
Safer Communities Fund - Grants Awarded
Expenditure over £500 (PCC)
Expenditure over £500 (Chief Constable)
Allowances and expenses PCC
Allowances and expenses DPCC
Allowance and expenses Senior Staff
Contracts awarded
Invitations to tender
Senior staff salaries
Chief of Staff job description
Chief Finance Officer job description
Annual Accounts (PCC)
Annual Accounts (Chief Constable)
Auditors Report
Investment Strategy - Treasury Management
Gifts and hospitality registers
Collaboration Agreements


The Police and Crime Plan and Publications

The Police and Crime Plan
Annual Report

Policies and Procedures

The Elected Local Policing Bodies Specified Information Order 2011
The Elected Local Policing Bodies (Specified Information) (Amendment) Order 2012
The Elected Local Policing Bodies (Specified Information) (Amendment) Order 2013
PCC Oath of Office
Code of Conduct for OPCC Employees
Decision Making Policy
Complaints Procedure
Complaints against the PCC
Complaints against the Chief Constable
Independent Custody Visitor scheme
Record Management
Data Sharing (Privacy Statement)
Social Media Policy


Decision Log


Freedom of Information

Freedom of Information Disclosure Log and Publication Scheme

The Victims Code

The Victims Code

HMICFRS Inspections

Responses to HMICFRS Inspections

Transparency Quality Mark 2021
Transparency Quality Mark 2020
Open and Transparent Quality Mark 2019
Open and Transparent Quality Mark 2018